“Let’s try this”

Meet Batiscafo. We deliver impactful solutions that matter. By experimenting with an array of methods, our team helps you design innovative products, services and business models.

We are

A passion for digging deep to make sense of things drives our mission to help you create the right change. No assumptions are made without thorough research to back them up. By combining a variety of disciplines and fields of knowledge we deliver core understanding and value for your company.


Tangible ideas

On the bumpy road to success there are no signs to show the way, just an infinite number of directions to take. At Batiscafo, we uncover the routes worth exploring to help you go forward with tangible solutions.

We identify new opportunities for growth
  • Emerging markets and categories
  • Technology trends
  • Innovative value chains
  • Barriers in your business model and offering
  • Insights and user experience
We craft simple, fit-for-purpose solutions
  • Conceptual design of new products and services
  • User experience simulations
  • Interactive prototype building
  • User and client beta testing
  • Feasibility and market fit assessment

Simply planning and executing won’t make your company future-proof

The future is no longer a projection of the past. For sustained growth companies need to add exploration to their strategic reflection processes.


to explore?

At Batiscafo we treat the information you provide us with the purpose of providing you a service, as well as sending you information related with our products and services. Legitimisation is based on your consent.
You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation or deletion of your data by writing to support@batiscafo.es.