Discovery, ideation & action

Why keep great ideas boxed away? Batiscafo’s workshops are action-oriented, dynamic teamwork sessions. We design them to help you uncover new growth paths and generate paradigm-changing solutions for your company.

Our core workshops

Through experience we have streamlined our offering into two essential workshops. They’re not cookie-cutter products. Rather, we tailor them to your specific needs.

W/ Discover

We help you devise new business models, focused on actual user needs, leveraging on the right tech and with potential for growth.

FORMAT In-company or at the Batiscafo Lab.

DURATION  1 x 4-hour or 2x3-hour sessions.

RESULTS  Innovation opportunities, new value propositions and business models.

Questions this workshop helps answer
  • How is my company affected by the changes taking place in my environment?
  • What should we do differently in order to stay competitive in this new landscape?
  • How can we enter new territories while staying true to our essence?
  • Who will be our users five years from now, and how can we create value for them?

W/ Build

We help you create product+service concepts that are ready for validation and address opportunities specific to your company.

FORMAT  In-company or at the Batiscafo Lab.

DURATION  Modular 2-hour sessions.

RESULTS → Concepts of products and services with high level specifications.

Questions this workshop helps answer
  • What actual solutions can we shape to tap into the opportunities we have detected?
  • What specifications should we include in the 1.0 version of the new product or service?
  • What aspects of our solutions should we validate first?
  • What experiments can we create in order to methodically test our idea?
  • What prototypes should we build and with what level of fidelity?

Let’s workshop

Reach out and let us design a customised workshop for your team. We can tailor to your needs with a specific activity or devise a workshop programme integrated with a longer-reaching innovation project taking place in your company.

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