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Choosing the right direction when possibilities are unlimited is not easy. We partner with companies in the thrilling experience of taking on uncertain challenges and help them find their own growth path.


When rules are constantly changing in your company’s play field, you need a seasoned explorer by your side. Our aim is to drive you towards new domains to help you uncover key opportunities and tackle challenges that go beyond the low hanging fruit.


  • Reducing uncertainty for sound decision making.
  • Identifying new markets and niches with higher profitability and growth potential than your traditional markets.
  • Designing products and services that delight customers.
  • Improving structures and processes, introducing innovation in the organisation’s culture.
  • Stimulating creativity and entrepreneurship in companies’ teams.

Intelligence reports

Who’s who in your market? What are your competitors’ business models? Which startups are disrupting your sector? Imagine everything you’d be able to do if you had access to all this information.


This is how we work

Our work process brings together the business, technology and design domains, and blends User-Centred Design and Agile Development. We typically go through three stages that span from defining the project framework and challenges to be solved to validating new products and services.


From a striking question to a broad understanding

Goal  Framing and understanding the different dimensions of the given challenge.

Result A first approach to one or more innovation opportunities.

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Definition of starting point: objectives, expectations and workplan.

Ecosystem model: representation of stakeholders, relations, flows and other phenomena taking place in the project’s system.

Primary research / Field: contextual inquiry (shadowing, fly-on-the-wall), user interviews (in-depth, intercept, wallet mapping).

Primary research / Remote: surveys, netnography, cultural probes.

Secondary research: other stakeholders, macro trends research, cross-sector research, regulation, competitive analysis, key sector disruptors.

Analysis of user experience: emotion spectrum, touchpoints and channels, insights, moments of truth.

Analysis of the company: business model, mutation/evolution process to this day.


From infinite possibilities to a solid innovation path

Goal  Turning diverse ideas into specific approaches to be discussed and tested.

Result Concepts of solutions and underlying business models.

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Definition of use cases and user profiles: Goals, needs, preferences, insights, motivations.

Challenge formulation: Identification of innovation opportunities through -‘How might we…?’ questions.

Idea generation: Visual ideation, mind mapping, metaphoric modelling, artistic creation process.

Conceptual solution design: Product architecture, service blueprint, environment mockups, experience design, solution roadmap.

Conceptual business design: Business model, business case.


Iteration rounds to build fit, validated solutions

Goal  Evidence-based development of viable product+service systems.

Result Validated solutions and underlying business models.

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Flexible process built around Make-Test-Repeat cycles.

Fast prototyping, both analog (in cardboard!) and digital.

Advanced prototyping to simulate complex interactions.

User validation and continuous solution refinement.

Systematic management: Design of experiments, execution, analysis, reflection and learning extraction.

Co-creation: Ideation and evaluation with the help of the right type of users (and when appropriate).

A disciplined enquiry

It’s the challenge that determines the process, and not the other way round. At Batiscafo we learn through experiments. Because being tied to a single tool reduces the odds of understanding, innovating and competing.

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