Who & Why

Batiscafo is an innovation studio committed to exploring beyond common assumptions. We give ourselves the latitude to merge an array of disciplines and tools, finding simple solutions in a complex world.

An unusual blend

Batiscafo is a project led by Miguel Tito and Silvia Flórez. Miguel brings strategy, rigour and methodical procedures. Silvia is all about flow and creative thinking. Together they’ve built a network of specialists that can fit any project, both scope- and location-wise.

Miguel Tito Malone

Miguel Tito Malone

User-centric design and innovation / Business mentor / Facilitator

Having led innovation projects in fields as varied as sports goods, banking, retail, FMCG, luxury and tourism, Miguel’s expertise has helped organisations ranging from SME’s and startups to global corporations.

He also lectures at business and design schools, and has delivered workshops and training courses in Spain, France, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Brasil, Colombia and El Salvador.

Silvia Flórez Duarte

Silvia Flórez Duarte

Design culture / Creative disciplines / Content creation and publishing

A great connoisseur of the design field and co-founder of the multiple award-winning magazine d[x]i, Silvia has worked as a lecturer, editor and arts manager in numerous innovative projects in the cultural industries.

She has an ingrained ability to tap creative thinking, come up with alternative perspectives to a problem and use that to shape valuable proposals for any type of organisation.

The Network

Our network of collaborators is made up of specialists across a variety of fields of knowledge.


Ergonomics and comfort

Human-machine interaction

User experience


Person-centric R&D

Smart objects and connected spaces

Artistic and creative processes

Information visualisation

Strategy and competitive intelligence

Product, service, space and experience design

Innovation funding

Startups, intrapreneurship and innovation acceleration

Beauty and simplicity

We enjoy crafting novel solutions that are simple, useful and look good. Our obsession with delivering top quality means we pay attention to the small details and go beyond mere aesthetics.


Learning through experiments

There’s no ultimate method or author of an absolute truth. We learn by taking on new challenges, working with a variety of different sources and connecting ideas. This way we’re able to craft a unique perspective and understanding.


People-centric solutions

As designers of products and services we’re responsible for making useful, accessible solutions. Our work is focused on people and infused with talent all around.


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